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Online Sales Tax Becoming A Reality

Posted by Don on September 6, 2012

Get ready to pay an online sales tax when shopping online! Congress is moving forward with the “Marketplace Fairness Tax” (H.R 3179, the Marketplace Equity Act of 2011).  If signed into law, it will require online retailers to collect a sales tax on your purchases made online at places like Amazon. How Online Sales Work […]

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Will Social Security Be Around in 20 Years?

Posted by Nick on September 5, 2012

Over the years, there has been a lot of hullabaloo over the solvency of the Social Security system here in the United States and whether or not Social Security will still be around in 20 years. Many people have fears and questions that are not sufficiently answered by those who represent us in congress. (A […]

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Why I Dropped My Ring Insurance

Posted by Adrienne on September 4, 2012

I really like my engagement ring. It is simple and something I can see wearing forever. Even though I really like it I stopped insuring it a few years ago. Here is my reasoning on dropping the ring insurance. Photo source: firemedic58 Why Do I Have Insurance? Personally I have insurance for things when I […]

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Finance Tips: Labor Day Sales

Posted by Kate on September 3, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend of summer! If you’re lucky enough to have some downtime, catch up on some of these great finance reads. Photo source: Serfs UP ! Labor Day Sales If you plan to shop the Labor Day sales today, here are some resources compiling the deals: Amazon Labor Day PC […]

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