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Are You Aware of Your Joint Financial Destiny?

Posted by Jill on June 12, 2012

I’ve mentioned before that I’m smack in the middle of the wedding years. I went to my first friend wedding in 2008 and have been to 3 or 4 weddings a year since 2010, with more on the way. Most of the time, my financial focus when it comes to these unions is about just how much it can […]

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American Express Prepaid Card $25 Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 8, 2012

Here’s a great, easy $25 bonus from American Express for this week’s Free Money Friday! Make sure you take advantage of it soon because the offer expires at the end of the month! How to Get Your $25 Order an American Express Prepaid card by June 30, 2012. Load at least $200 onto the card […]

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3 Social Buying Experiences Gone Wrong

Posted by Amanda on June 7, 2012

I have been actively using social buying websites for two years now. Typically I have great experiences, such as our half-price weekend trip to Moody Gardens Hotel and tickets in Galveston, half-price tickets to Houston Museum of Natural Science exhibits and butterfly atrium, and the Cake Pop class I recently took with a friend. But […]

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Banks Versus Credit Unions

Posted by Nick on June 6, 2012

Are banks or credit unions better? This is a subject I am very adamant about. There are so many facets of the debate between these two financial institutions, and I have no qualms defending what you will obviously see is my preference! What’s the main difference? How do you define a bank and a credit […]

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Travel Application Spree for Points and Miles

Posted by Madison on June 5, 2012

When I put together our Credit Card Application Spree to Maximize Sign Up Bonuses I skipped the travel credit cards. I mentioned that we’re going to be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary next year, so I was planning to wait until early next year to make a hotel and mileage run. However, I got questions […]

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How to Save Money by Fixing Health Care Errors

Posted by Adrienne on June 4, 2012

Healthcare Bills… My Part-Time Job. I have a part-time job that I hate. Unfortunately I don’t have the choice to give it up or it would cost me boatloads of money. What is this lucrative but painful job? I correct errors on our health care billings. You might think this doesn’t apply to you because […]

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PenFed Premium Travel 20,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 1, 2012

As many of you know, PenFed is one of our favorite personal finance secrets. It’s no surprise they have a great Free Money Friday offer for travelers! Pentagon Federal is currently offering 20,000 points on their premium travel card. How to Get Your 20,000 Points Open a PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express card. Spend […]

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