Uncovering Rewards Programs for Every Purchase You Make

Posted by Amanda on August 17, 2010

As I mentioned in a recent article about how the recession has changed consumerism in America, consumers (that’s you and I!) expect to be paid for our loyalty now.

And shouldn’t we? With all of the rewards programs out there—and there are some really interesting ones—why should we spend our money just to get the product itself?

Reward Programs for All Your Purchases

Below is a taste of the free rewards programs available. Peruse and sign up for some!

  • Diapers: There is Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Program, and Pampers Gift to Grow Rewards Program. Rewards include magazine subscriptions, coupons for more diapers, baby items, and movie theater tickets. Check out Money Saving Mom’s website as she often posts free codes for you to enter into your account.
  • Coca Cola: Paul and I are part of the MyCokeRewards program, and have so far cashed in our points for 4 movie theater tickets, and two years worth of subscriptions to the Oprah O Magazine.
  • Electronics: Like electronics, DVDs, etc.? Best Buy has the Reward Zone program where you earn one point for every dollar spent in their store and redeem the points for gift certificates to spend at the store. Sony also has a rewards program.  
  • Hardware: True Value Rewards Program allows you to earn points for purchases made that you can redeem for gift certificates on your future purchases. Ace Hardware has a rewards program as well.
  • Movies: Earn points for purchasing Disney Movies as well as watching them in the movie theater. AMC MovieWatcher, Cobb Theater MovieGoer, Regal Crown Club are all movie theater rewards programs that help you earn free tickets, which is great since movie theater tickets are so pricey.
  • Office Supplies: Staples rewards program, Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards and Office Max’s MaxPerks are all programs to help you score free office supplies.
  • Coffee: My Starbucks Rewards, and Dunkin’ Donuts DDPerks will help to make sure your coffee addiction (or doughnut, for that matter) rewards you back.
  • Chocolate: Godiva has a rewards program where you get one free piece of Godiva chocolate per month in-store.
  • Credit Cards: Rewards credit cards let you earn points for all your purchases. In addition, many offer bonus rewards on certain categories like gas and hotels with cards like the Chase Freedom.
  • Books: Borders Rewards Program allows you to earn points towards in-store redeemable gift certificates, as well as signs you up for weekly coupons (my favorites are the 40% off any book).
  • Orange Juice: Tropicana Juicy Rewards will reward you with experiences for purchasing their product.
  • Yogurt: Join My Stonyfield Rewards Program and earn points to spend on more Stonyfield products.
  • Airfare: Various airlines let you earn points to redeem for free travel.
  • Toys: Toys’R’Us has the Rewards’R’Us program where you get a $5 gift certificate to spend in store for each $150 in purchases made. GameStop PowerUp rewards will help you earn money towards new video games and equipment. GamersGate offers a rewards program as well.
  • Vitamins: NatureMade’s reward program helps you earn points towards coupons for future purchases, yoga equipment, and other wellness items.
  • Department Stores: Join JCPenney’s rewards program to earn gift certifications to use in store with each purchase. This one is also great because they periodically send you $10 off $10 or more purchase coupons that can score you some really cheap stuff! Accumulate points using FamousFootwear’s rewards program to earn free shoes.
  • Yarn: Jimmy Beans Bucks offers knitters a way to earn cash back on their purchases, as well as one free shipping coupon at the end of each quarter.  

What are some of your favorite rewards programs?

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Comments to Uncovering Rewards Programs for Every Purchase You Make

  1. My bank actually has a rewards program for purchases made on my debit card. As long as I use my debit card like a credit card (do not enter PIN but sign for my purchase and it is processed like a VISA or Mastercard transaction) I earn points that I can trade in at different levels for gift cards at a slew of vendors. rchases. So, I earn points to use on all sorts of purchases I would make anyway. I consider this a win-win because I am going to use my debit card at the gas station, grocery store, etc. anyway. Might as well earn money on the cash coming out of my checking account! If you have a debit card with a VISA logo, check out your bank’s website or ask a representative the next time you visit a branch.


    • I almost forgot, using your debit card this way (as a credit transaction vs. a debit direct from your checking) will also protect you from being without the cash if you try to dspute fradulent transactions. When you use your debit card as a debit, the funding is immediate and from the cash in your bank account. If you need to dispute a charge, you do not get your cash back until the investigation is over. If you use your card as a credit transaction instead, you are protected under the rights of credit card company who issued your card. It depends on the card issuer, but in my experience with identity theft a few years ago, the disputed charges were credited back to me before the results of the investigation. Had they ruled in the merchant’s favor, the charges would have been applied to my account. Luckily, it was later found the merchant’s data had been compromised and my info stolen so I was not responsible for the fraudulent charges. Had it been a debit transaction I would have had to wait the two months to get my money back.


      • Hello Robin!

        Thank you for sharing the information and your story! I am not a debit card user, so I was not aware of the difference between using it as a debit vs. credit in the case that you need to dispute a charge. I do have a credit card with rewards that I use for all of my purchases…so a lot of times I get rewards on top of rewards!

        Amanda L. Grossman

  2. I didn’t realize how many awards programs there are….and how many we’re part of. We do the Huggies, Pampers, hardware, movies, credit card, yogurt, department store, and I think there are a few others! Good comprehensive list, thanks so much for posting.

    Money Beagle

  3. Wow, I thought I knew about all the rewards there were and you managed to include a couple I was not aware of. Thanks for sharing!

    Linda Norto

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