Ebates Cashback and $10-$75 Bonus

Posted by Madison on October 16, 2014

Since we kicked off the holiday season gift guide earlier this week, it’s also time to start highlighting cash back opportunities in our holiday cash back series.

If you are like me, you’ll probably do a lot of online shopping over the next few months. We’re highlighting new cashback opportunities and some of our favorite cash programs. To get started, we’re focusing on a reader favorite… Ebates! Since they offer a sign up bonus, it also moves higher up on my list.

How to Get Your $10 Ebates Sign Up Bonus

  1. Sign up for an Ebates account.
  2. Make your first $25 purchase using Ebates.
  3. You’ll get a $10 gift card bonus for Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart or Target.

How to Get Your $75 Ebates Bonus

We’ve covered the Ebates referrals in the past. Typically, you can earn $5 for each friend you refer to Ebates who makes a $25 purchase. However, during the holiday season this year, they are running extra referral bonuses. Here’s how to get extra bonuses:

  1. Refer one friend to Ebates to earn $20.
  2. Refer a second friend to Ebates to earn $25 more.
  3. Refer a third friend to Ebates to earn $30 more.

You cannot self-refer, but I have successfully referred my spouse. And if I can refer both of my parents, it’s an easy $75 bonus!

Here’s more from Kate on Ebates if you aren’t familiar with the program:

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a site that allows you to click through to popular online retailers and earn cash back in the process. For example, if you want to buy a sweater at J. Crew, you can go to J. Crew’s site and just buy it.

But, even better, you can go to Ebates.com, click through to J. Crew’s site from there and receive 3% of your purchase back into your Ebates account. Then, once each quarter Ebates will send you a check or deposit your cash back into your PayPal account, as long as your account balance is over $5.

What are some of the stores I can shop at?

There are over 1,700 stores you can shop at through Ebates and they run the gamut. For example, you can use it to buy clothes from Banana Republic, flowers from FTD, books from Barnes and Noble or jewelry at Blue Nile!

How can I earn even more cash back?

Bonus Cash Back. Especially during the holidays, for example, on Black Friday, Ebates tends to run specials for double cash back or more which means you can really benefit from timing a big purchase you were going to make anyway. For example, Walgreens usually offers 4% cash back but can go as high as 8%.

Sign Up for Ebates

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