What Might the 2016 Tax Rates Look Like?

Posted by Madison on August 4, 2015

What might the 2016 tax rates and 2016 tax brackets look like? The 2016 income tax brackets will continue to keep the 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35% and 39.6% tax brackets in place from last year. These brackets were made permanent a few years ago. Each year the federal income tax brackets adjust based […]

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2015 Tax Rates & 2015 Tax Brackets

Posted by Madison on August 1, 2015

What do the 2015 tax rates and 2015 tax brackets look like? 2015 tax rates are used to file your 2015 tax return due in 2016. A few years ago the fiscal cliff deal made the tax bracket structure permanent. The 2015 income tax brackets will continue to keep the 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, […]

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How to File for a Tax Extension

Posted by Amanda on April 15, 2015

There are certain dates that every American knows by heart: Christmas is on December 25, Valentine’s Day is on February 14, and April 15 is the tax deadline. But what if you cannot meet the tax deadline? There are certain circumstances when a person needs to file for an extension from the April 15 filing […]

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12 Occasions You May Have to Pay Taxes

Posted by Madison on April 13, 2015

With the tax deadline just a couple days away, finishing your taxes is a pretty common theme across America right now. In fact, the White House just released the tax returns for the Obamas and the Bidens. If you are the President, you have to pay tax. Here are twelve more situations you may need […]

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11 Ways to Lower Your Taxes with Kids

Posted by Madison on April 9, 2015

With the tax deadline creeping up on us, it’s time to focus on some ways to save money on your tax return. Raising kids is expensive. However, at tax time, there are ways those little bundles of joy can save money. Many people know about the tax credits for kids, but they are unaware about […]

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Do You Have to Pay Income Tax on Social Security?

Posted by Madison on April 8, 2015

This one is for all the grandparents out there. Do you have to pay income tax on social security? How will it impact the taxes on your other income from interest and dividends? Whether or not your social security benefits are taxable depends on your total income and filing status. In addition, it changes from […]

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There is a possibility that you may be suffering from double taxation. I know, we all suffer from double taxation, like when we pay sales tax when we purchase items with money that has been taxed by the federal government. Or when I used to work for the state government, and when I used my […]

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Claiming Dependents on Your Tax Return

Posted by Jill on March 19, 2015

Most taxpayers are well aware of the deduction that comes from claiming dependent children on their taxes. But what are the rules on claiming dependents on taxes? And what about other relatives? And, when can those formerly claimed as dependents on someone else’s return begin to claim themselves? If someone else can claim you as […]

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How to Find TurboTax Discounts

Posted by Madison on March 11, 2015

Need a Turbotax Discount? It seems like every communication I receive from brokerages, insurance companies, and banks recently are for offers for a Turbotax discount. If you missed the offer for Free Federal and State Tax Filing, and you still need to find a discount here is a list of all the discounts I could […]

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How to Claim College Tax Credits

Posted by Kristen on March 9, 2015

Being a college student is an expensive job. Throughout the year, hopefully you are keeping in mind ways to save money in college and how to avoid student loan debt. You can get creative to save money on food in college, apply for scholarships, and save money on textbooks that can become quite pricey. But […]

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