Best Day to Buy Airline Tickets? Cars? Groceries?

Posted by Guest Author on January 5, 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice if managing your money came with an instruction manual? Not one of those manuals that is written in four languages and have schematics that only an engineer can understand but an easy to follow, step by step guide that tells you what to do every step of the way. That book will sell for a lot of money when it’s published, don’t you think?

You’ve probably heard from the more bargain savvy people of the world that there are certain days that products are on sale and they’re right. Just as the price of gas is rumored to rise in price before a holiday and you can pick up deals during post holiday sales, prices are said to be more customer friendly on certain days of the week.

A Day by Day List of When to Shop for Discounts

Monday is the day you shop for cars. Coming off of a less than impressive weekend, any sales they can get to temper their unimpressive performance are gladly taken but sometimes the opposite is true. If the dealership had a big sale and the results were impressive, they may be more likely to make the same deals to people they met over the weekend. Sort of an icing on the cake as they look at their sales numbers.

Monday is also electronics day. Manufacturers pass discounts on to retailers on Monday which gives them some leeway to make some good deals but you have to do some negotiating.

Tuesday is airline day. Airlines post sales on Monday evening which make other airlines scramble to match prices on Tuesday morning. By 3PM on Tuesday, the unbelievable deals are gone but those sales may last for a few more days.

Get your clothes on Thursday. Retailers roll out their upcoming weekend sales on Thursday which gives shoppers the chance to get their hands on those great deals before they sell out. Some sub categories of clothing may have better deals on other days so if you have your eye on a great pair of shoes, expecting the best deal on Thursday isn’t necessarily true.

Sunday is the day you should do your grocery shopping because it’s the day that the fresh coupons appear in the newspaper. Combine these savings with special pricing in the grocery store’s advertisement and you can score some great deals.

Sunday is also a good day to combine sales with coupons at the popular drugstore chains. Some bargain hunters go at midnight to make sure they score the free bottle of mouthwash but if you’re not that type of shopper, go as early as you can.

How about the Other Days?
Of course other stores may offer great deals on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. That’s why savvy shoppers know that talking to the store manager and asking them when they announce their sales is the best way to learn about their local market.

Finding Bargains

Maybe the reason the financial instruction manual hasn’t been published is because there are too many variables involved. Use this as a guide and if you’re really serious about finding the unbeatable bargains, keep a good eye on when you see the sales appear at your favorite local stores.

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Comments to Best Day to Buy Airline Tickets? Cars? Groceries?

  1. I do not go food shopping on Sundays. It is too crowded and items disappear from the shelves too fast. Parking can be a problem and there are long lines at checkout. The coupons appearing Sunday are still valid Tuesday or Wednesday which is the best day. Monday is not good because shelves are often not replenished after the weekend shoppers empty them. Senior discount days should be chosen too, but that varies from store to store. Wednesday is probably the best because some stores have extra discount days (eg Shoprite has Weds-Sat) later in the week. Deliveries have been made to replenish stock. It’s not as crowded as weekends.


  2. I had heard that Wednesday at midnight was the best time to purchase airline tickets?


  3. As a parent, sometimes the best time to shop is on a Tuesday evening with no kids! The stores are usually not crowded then either.


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