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Finance Tips: VistaPrint Holiday Card Deals

After you’ve recovered from all the holiday shopping you’ve probably been doing this week, check out some of these great personal finance reads [1].


VisatPrint. A reader Frank asked about the VistaPrint holiday card deals this year. Here are the updated VistaPrint Holiday Card Deals [2] for this holiday season:

Holiday Giveaway. Don’t forget the $100 Cash Holiday Giveaway [5] ends Friday December 13!

Photo Credit: peminumkopi [6]

Finance Reads

5 Lessons Learned as a First-Time Landlord [7] – A great read for anyone contemplating becoming a landlord. -Million Dollar Journey

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score [8] – A great read for anyone who is struggling with a credit score that is lower than they’d like. -GoGirl Finance

A Great 14-Year Old Entrepreneur [9] – This is an inspiring story that was originally showcased on NPR. It’s great for young entrepreneurs and landlords alike! -Lazy Man and Money

Millionaires Buy New Cars [10] – Interesting data about millionaires and the cars they drive. I’d be curious to know how many of our readers buy new vs. old and what their rationale is. -FreeMoneyFinance

6 Investment Costs You Pay to Play [11] – Some investment costs are just part of investing. Nonetheless, it’s good to know where they are so that you can avoid them when possible. -MoneySmartLife

Blog Flashback: 5 Years Ago, S&P 500 at 750 [12] – I think this will be a really interesting throwback for anyone who remembers compulsively monitoring their portfolios back in late 2008. -MyMoneyBlog

7 Reasons to Not Always Live Frugal [13] – An awesome reminder of why being super frugal all the time probably isn’t the best approach to a full life.  -Three Thrifty Guys

Holiday Finance Fun

Don’t forget to check out more of our holiday reading series this month from cash back programs for your online shopping [14] all the way to holiday gift ideas [15]!