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Tax Estimator to Calculate Your 2013 Tax Refund

The 2013 tax calculator is here! Due to the IRS tax delay [1] it took much longer than expected this year, but it’s finally ready!

Do you want to get an estimate of how much your tax refund will be before you file? We just updated the 2013 tax calculator, complete with all of the tax brackets [2], credits, deductions, and everything else you’ll need to estimate your tax refund before the tax deadline [3].

Update: The 2014 Tax Estimator [4] is available to estimate your taxes for this year!

2013 Tax Calculator

The 2013 tax calculator works based on the following inputs:

  1. Enter your filing status [5] including your personal exemptions [6] and any dependents you will claim [7] on your tax return. Then enter your income, deductions and credits.
  2. Enter your projected withholdings from your W4 [8] (or your total withholding on your W2 [9] once you get it) for the year to estimate your tax refund for April 2014.
  3. Select calculate to use the 2013 calculator to estimate your 2013 taxes.
  4. Select view report to see the entire tax calculator report.

Enter your filing status, income, deductions and credits and we will estimate your total taxes for 2013. Based on your projected withholdings for the year, we can also estimate your tax refund or amount you may owe the IRS next April 2014.

Javascript is required for this calculator. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to select to ‘Allow Blocked Content’ to view this calculator.

Tax Calculator Inputs

Please note that this calculator uses 2013 tax tables [10]. All of the tax parameters and definitions used to build the free tax calculator are based on the current tax laws. If you are looking for the tax calculator for last year, please see the 2012 Tax Calculator [11].

As a reminder for the 2013 tax calculator, the outputs will be based on your tax calculator inputs.

AMT Tax Calculator

The tax calculator also includes the AMT exemption [12] amounts; there is not a separate AMT tax calculator. The calculator also includes 2013 tax scenarios for capital gains tax rates [13].

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