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September 2008 Net Worth Update: -5.6%

Our portfolio decreased -5.6% in September, bringing us to 862% total increase since the beginning of our dollar plan [1].

In addition, our year-to-date total decrease is -16.9%.

Reflections on my portfolio this month

September was tough, just like most of 2008. However, instead of looking at the gigantic losses, it helps to focus on the benchmark. I use the Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Fund [2]. It’s the closest set of indexes to my asset allocation.

The YTD return for the 2045 fund is –18.56%. Compared to my -16.9% decrease, I’m feeling a little better!

September Performance Highlights

Individual Stocks

  • Best: Exxon Mobil
  • Worst: Home Depot

Mutual Funds

  • Best: Vanguard Reit Index
  • Worst: Vanguard Emerging Markets Index

My Dollar Plan Review

You might have noticed that I skipped a site review last month. (Actually you probably didn’t.) They’re really just for me to stay accountable to making the site the best site I can for you.

I’m going to combine the site stats with my net worth each month, so I only have to do one update (a trick I stole from Moolanomy [3]). Since I skipped August, I’ll incorporate both August and September here.

Top Articles

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Site Statistics

  • Visitors: 43,787 in September; 27,625 in August (58% increase).
  • Page views: 115,352 in September; 57,246 in August (102% increase).
  • Subscribers: 1190 at the end of September; 951 at the end of August (25% increase).

I reached my goal of 1,000 subscribers on September 6! Thanks and welcome to the new subscribers!

Top Referrals

Here are the sites that sent the most referrals to My Dollar Plan during August and September. Thanks for the referrals and be sure to check out their great sites.

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