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How to File a Schedule A Form

If you choose to itemize your deductions [1], you must fill out the Schedule A [2] and submit it with your Form 1040.

How to Fill Out Schedule A

Before you complete the Schedule A you should gather all documentation of your deductions – receipts, forms provided to you by financial or governmental institutions, etc.

You must also fill out the 1040 form [3] first, in order to arrive at your adjusted gross income (AGI [4]), since eligibility for certain Schedule A tax items is tied to your adjusted gross income.

Once you have done that, fill out the Schedule A form by doing the following:

  1. Download the Schedule A tax form [2].
  2. Enter your name and Social Security number.
  3. Use the lines and instructions provided to calculate Medical and Dental Expenses, Taxes [5], Interest, Gifts to Charity, Casualty and Theft Losses, Job Expenses, and Miscellaneous Deductions.
  4. Add the deductions to arrive at your total itemized deductions and enter the total in Line 29. Note that if the amount is less than the standard deduction for your filing status [6], you will pay lower taxes by claiming the standard deductions instead. If you still want to claim your itemized deductions even if the standard deduction is higher, you must check the box on Line 30.
  5. Enter the total from Schedule A Line 29 on your form 1040, line 40.

When to Use a Tax Schedule A

Before you fill out the Schedule A, make sure you fall into one of the categories listed in “Who Should Itemize [7].”

If you choose to take the standard deduction [8], you do so right on your Form 1040 [3], 1040a [9] or 1040ez [10].

2013 Schedule A Forms

The Form Schedule A 2013 [2] is available form the IRS.

In addition, the IRS provides Schedule A instructions [11] to help you fill out the Schedule A form.