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Roundup: The Airlines Extended Our Vacation!

We were supposed to fly home on Sunday. Luckily my mom noticed all the incoming flights were canceled and gave us a call. I’d much rather extend our vacation than be stranded in O’hare with two infants unable to get to our carseats.

Unfortunately I had already spent about 2 hours trying to pack our suitcases squeezing in all the Christmas presents [1]. It took 4 calls to United to rebook, being cut off three times, once on hold for almost an hour. We finally got through and got a flight out next weekend.

So here we are, adding an extra week of vacation! Of course there are some things that take time to figure out when you unexpectedly extend your vacation:

  • Upcoming bills to pay without the mail. Good thing I’m organized [2]!
  • A mail hold expiring. We have tiny mailboxes, but I’m sure the mailman will figure it out.
  • How to pay our nanny….
  • Reschedule any appointments we had in the upcoming week. This one is a little tricky. Normally I use my blackberry, but since I’m on maternity leave, I’ve just been using a paper calendar posted on our bulletin board. Oops.
  • Celebrating my son’s birthday with his presents at home.

The Roundup

My roundup was delayed by the great credit card debate with Ana at Debt Free Revolution this weekend. Here’s two of my favorites: Ways Credit Card Companies Separate You From Your Money [3] and 25 Reasons to Love Credit Cards [4]. The comments are igniting a lot of passion on both sides. Be sure to share your friendly views!

Being Frugal set up her goals for the new year [5]. Gather Little By Little is also looking ahead with 6 ways to kick off personal finance [6] in the new year and Five Cent Nickel highlighted his financial goals for 2008 [7]. Flexo at Consumerism Commentary also documented his goals [8]. I need to get mine done soon! I have our 2008 overall plan [9] done, but not my individual 2008 goals yet. Stay tuned to see what they are.

Here’s more articles I enjoyed:

While we enjoy another week of vacation I have some great guest posts in store for you!