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Mastercard $10 Off for Amazon Purchases x 2

Shopping Amazon today? This Mastercard deal for Amazon will come in handy! Today Mastercard [1] is offering $20 off ($10 at a time) at Amazon [2]!

We are squeezing in lots of holiday Free Money [3] offers and shopping this week!

How to Get Your First $10

  1. Shop at Amazon.com [2] today.
  2. Make a $100 purchase from the Mastercard promotion [1] page.
  3. Pay with your Mastercard for your purchases and enter the savings code: 3TLRXE3N.
  4. Get your first $10 off.

How to Get Your Next $10

  1. Once you make the purchase above, you’ll get a promo code via email to use in the next 30 days.
  2. Again make your purchase from the promotion page, this time for $50.
  3. Pay with your Mastercard and put in your promo code.
  4. Get another $10 off.

Mastercard Terms and Conditions

  • This group savings code is only good for 24 hours (12:01AM PST to 11:59PM PST) or while discounts last.
  • Promo codes will be emailed within 30 days of the qualifying MasterCard card purchase.

More on Mastercard

Shipping. Even though we’re past the deadline for free super saver shipping, you can still order with Amazon Prime [4] to take advantage of the deal today with free shipping. Items you order today with the free 2 day shipping [5] will still arrive in time for Christmas.

Stacking the Offers. After reading all the fine print in both promotions, it looks like you should be able to stack this offer with the Mastercard Holiday [6] and Citi Diamond $200 credit for online shopping [7].

Mastercards. I glanced at my Amazon account to see which cards are Mastercards [8] so I can make one the default and check out quickly. Here’s a list of popular Mastercards for quick reference: