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Lending Club Referral Bonuses

Lending Club [1] is busy expanding their service right now, so Free Money [2] offers just keep popping up.

Lending Club now has a multi-level referral program for you to earn bonus money.

How to Get Your Referral Money

  1. Sign into your Lending Club account (or open a Lending Club [1] account if you don’t have one yet).
  2. Invite your friends to sign up as borrowers.
  3. You’ll get a $25 referral bonus for each borrower you refer.

Sweeten the Deal

But wait, it gets even better… there are multi-level bonuses. If your friend refers someone, you’ll get another $15, and if that friend refers someone, you’ll get $10. This is one of those deals that you’ll want to be the first one of your friends to get in on!

You could even lend your friend part of the money they need after they sign up.

Lending Club

As a lender at Lending Club, here are the details you need to know at a glance:

  • $25 minimum investment.
  • 1% service charge.
  • Interest rates currently range from 6.69% to 19.37%.

For more lender details and information about Lending Club, check out my full Lending Club Review [3] or the Lending Club Step-By-Step Guide [4].