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June 2008 Net Worth Update: -6.4%

Ouch! June was a rough month for our portfolio. Our portfolio decreased -6.4% in June, that brings us to 968% total increase since the beginning of our dollar plan [1].

In addition, our year-to-date return is -7.7%.

Reflections on my portfolio this month

I just moved a portion of our portfolio to a CD ladder [2]. I just did that last week, so it isn’t the likely explanation for the significant drop this month.

In addition, due to the need for access to cash, I’m adjusting our asset allocation [3] even further. I’ll write about the changes soon.

June Performance Highlights

Individual Stocks

  • Best: Exxon Mobil
  • Worst: Home Depot

Mutual Funds

  • Best: BGI US Debt Index Funds (Bond Index) – last month’s worst
  • Worst: Vanguard REIT Index

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