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ING Business $25 Sign Up Bonus

We have a business savings account at ING; it’s a great account since there are no fees and no minimum balance requirements. Perfect if you have a new business!

I was looking around in my ING account and noticed that they have an offer to “refer a business.” And with the referral comes a $25 sign up bonus… perfect for Free Money [1] Friday!

ING $25 Sign Up Bonus

  • To earn the $25 sign up bonus, you will need to open your account with $250.
  • The bonus is only available for new accounts with a new customer; if you already have a personal account, you probably aren’t eligible.

Sign Up Bonus Links

Each link will work only once. The link has already been used if you get the following message:

We’re sorry, but the referral link within the email you received has expired and is no longer valid. We recommend that you contact the sender and ask them to re-send the referral email. Or click ‘Continue’ to proceed with the application process without the account opening bonus.

I’ll add new referrals as the links get used. If all of the referrals are used or expired, contact me [2] and I’ll add more.

  1. $25 Business Sign up Bonus [3]
  2. $25 Business Sign up Bonus [4]
  3. $25 Business Sign up Bonus [5]
  4. $25 Business Sign up Bonus [6]

EDIT: If you need a referral, just contact me [2] and I’ll send you one directly.

If you want to open an account at ING, but want to open a personal account instead, see the $25 sign up bonus offer for personal accounts [7].