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I Quit!

Well, I’m not sure exactly what to call it: retired, semi-retired, quit, took a leave of absence, became a stay at home mom [1], became a professional blogger. Whatever “it” is… I’m done. I’m going to start withdrawing from my retirement accounts, hang out with my kids more and write a few mornings each week.

Getting My Priorities Right

I lined up all my priorities in life and work fell off at the bottom. Instead my focus will be on my passions in life: my kids and personal finance! Hopefully my life mix pie chart [2] will become a little more balanced. Although in reality, I’ll probably be just as busy if not busier.

I’m looking forward to the articles I write here making much more sense now, because I’ll write them in the morning while the kids are at preschool or with their nanny. My brain works much better in the morning than it does in the middle of the night!

I’m going to transition from a very structured life to a bit of a free spirited lifestyle. I even suggested downsizing our house and living in a resort, like I read about yesterday [3] but my husband is being the rational one and trying to keep me a little grounded. So for now, we’ll stay in our house.

For the record, I offered to my husband that he could quit too and we could live off savings for a few years but he’s going to keep working because he likes to. It’s also doesn’t hurt that he carries our health insurance. Guess he’s going to stick it out to the end of our dollar plan [4].


I officially submitted my paperwork to switch to inactive status at my company. I gave a couple months notice, so I’ll be done with work in mid September. I’ll get paid through mid October, then begin a one year leave of absence. The end of my leave will coincide nicely with the change in retirement plan [5] that I mentioned earlier. I’ll be in the 3rd wave of retirements, although they won’t officially call me a retiree, because I’m not old enough.

Beginning Retirement Withdrawals

I’ve been saving in my retirement accounts for 13 years, so it’s a big change to go from saving to withdrawing. But that’s exactly what I’ve been saving for right? I hit within $7,000 of my target amount to retire on, so I figured it was close enough to make the leap. I recently prepared by creating CD ladders [6] for my upcoming living expenses.

I’ll also be busy working on my retirement planning checklist [7] to get ready for the big day.

Want More Info?

I’m on a complete emotional high, so I’m having a hard time actually developing a coherent article to explain it all… so feel free to ask questions about the pieces that I’m leaving out and I’ll fill in the blanks. I’m sure there are many more details that you’d like to know, but I’m so excited I can’t think straight!

This article is featured in Carnival of Personal Finance #163 – “Quotable Quotes” [8].