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Great Bridge Group $240 Cash Back

Ready for a new, easy cash back option? Great Bridge Group is offering us each $240 per year. It’s our Free Money [1] Friday celebration.

Great Bridge Group [2] is a research company offering you rewards on all your credit and debit card purchases.

How to Earn Your Cash Back

  1. Sign up for a Great Bridge Group [2] account.
  2. Register your credit cards and debit cards.
  3. Get up to $60 cash back once per quarter via Amazon or Paypal.

Great Bridge Group Terms and Conditions

  • To earn your dividends, your cards must remain connected. When your cards are unlinked, you stop accumulating rewards and they will not send you cash payments.
  • Automatically receive your entire dividend balance (up to $60), in cash, every 90 days via PayPal or Amazon. Or, you can donate it directly to a charity of your choice.
  • No merchant restrictions.
  • Your data is anonymized and aggregated with all users nationwide.

More on Great Bridge Group

Stack Cash Back. You can stack the Great Bridge Group [2] cash back with other cash back credit cards, like the 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards [3] to maximize your cash back.

Cash Back Percentage. It looks like my rewards are earning at a rate of 0.25%. When I first read about it on Fatwallet [4], some of the people who signed up early received 1% cash back.

Security. One of the concerns with these type of programs is the always security. According to Great Bridge Group, they use bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe, anonymous, and secure. When I registered my credit cards, I noticed that they are actually using Yodlee to manage it. However, you should always make your own judgement when it comes to security.

Credit for Back Purchases. When I linked my cards, it gave me rewards for purchases that occurred over the last few months, so I didn’t even need to make new purchases to earn the cash back!

Will It Last? Just like the old Envaulted [5] program that ended, we won’t know for sure if they’ll last. However, since there is no investment, we won’t be out anything if the company goes under.

Wait List. I received my invite immediately, but I did notice that they said it can take a few weeks, or sometimes longer, to receive your invite. It looks like they have openings in certain demographics, but a waiting list in others. When I referred my husband, he was placed on the waiting list.

Referrals and Surveys. You will also earn rewards for inviting your friends [2] and for participating in surveys. You get $5 for each referral. The additional payments you earn from invites and surveys are not subject to the $60 cash back maximum.