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February 2008 Net Worth Update: -1.8%

Our portfolio declined by 1.8% in February. It brings our year to date total for 2008 to -5.6%.

The total percent increase (not to be confused with total return) of our portfolio since the beginning of our dollar plan [1] is 989.6%, dipping under 1000% for the first time since last July.

The Good News
Despite the declining balance we have a few items that are worth celebrating:

  • Our 457 plan lowered the expenses. For our current balance it will result in .03% less in fees. As our balance grows the savings will be even larger because they also implemented a cap on the fees.
  • Our decision to add bonds to our portfolio [2] during our overhaul last fall is helping offset some of the decline.
  • Now that I’ve returned to work [3] I will resume contributions to my retirement account. It will now be directed towards my Roth 401k [4].

February Performance Highlights

Individual Stocks

  • Best: Exxon Mobil continues to lead the pack.
  • Worst: Fifth Third Bank. I’m ready to sell this stock and take the loss. It took forever to get our certificates added to the DRIP plan so that we could sell everything in one transaction.

Mutual Funds

  • Best: Vanguard Emerging Markets Index
  • Worst: EAFE Index Fund

Here’s some of the YTD returns for the US Market for comparison:

Action Plan

While it’s disheartening to see our portfolio drop by over $25,000, I’m still comfortable with our decline. Our contributions are very small in relative value to our portfolio value at this point so there isn’t much I can actively do to change the impact of the market. I am comfortable with our asset allocation and plan to sit tight, as we are investing for the long term.

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