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Etrade $25 Sign Up Bonus

The $25 sign up bonus [1] from Etrade is back!

This is one of the easiest free money [2] Friday offers, but whenever it shows up it doesn’t last long. Hurry, this one expires 8/13/2008!

Etrade $25 Sign Up Bonus Details

The sign up is easy, it only took me about 5 minutes to apply. Here is more information about the account and the bonus:

  • Interest Rate: The account currently earns 3.3%.
  • Minimum Deposit: $1
  • Time Needed: Bonus will be credited within 30 days.
  • Sign Up: $25 Etrade sign up bonus [1].
  • Account Type: This is for the Etrade savings account (similar to ING [3]), not the Etrade brokerage account.

Action Plan

I have previously taken advantage of old Etrade sign up bonuses [4] for myself but never got around to it for my husband. So that’s on my to-do list this weekend!

Update: Even though the promo has ended, you can still open a high-yield savings account with Etrade [1] to get the interest, you just won’t get the bonus money.