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Ebates Offers Double Cash Back Today!

Did you sleep in and skip the Black Friday hooplah? If so, you’ll want to check out the Ebates [1] deal today… double cash back! It’s our Free Money [2] Friday offer today.

Ebates [1] scored first place when readers voted on their Favorite Cash Back Programs [3].

How to Get Your Double Cash Back

  1. Login to your Ebates [1] account (or open a new one to get a $5 bonus).
  2. Click on the Black Friday Sales page to see new cash back amounts.
  3. Start shopping!

Ebates Black Friday Stores

There’s hundreds of stores listed, but here are some that I’ll be shopping at today through Ebates:

  • Old Navy & Gap: 10%.
  • The Disney Store: 10%.
  • Kohls: 6%.
  • Office Max: 6%.
  • Sears: 6%.

More Black Friday Shopping

Amazon. We all know I love Amazon! So I’m busy shopping the Amazon Black Friday deals [4].

eBay. We’re buying and selling on eBay [5] today. We had an extra ipod from buying our ooma phone [6] that we decided to sell. I’ll use the proceeds to buy another gift for someone.

Plastic Jungle. For those that get gift cards on our list, Plastic Jungle [7] is my new favorite place to get them!

Happy Shopping!