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Chase Slate 15 Month 0% No Fee Balance Transfer

Every January, the credit card companies do something special, they bring back the no balance transfer fee on 0% balance transfers. I’m guessing the marketing has something to do with New Years resolutions… whatever the reason, we’ll celebrate in Free Money [1] Friday style!

Chase Slate is again offering the 0% balance transfer with no balance transfer free for a limited time.

How to Get 0% Balance Transfer with No Fee

  • Open a new Chase Slate card.
  • Make a balance transfer in the first 60 days.
  • Get a 0% balance transfer with no fees for 15 months.

Chase Slate Terms and Conditions

  • No Annual Fee
  • Balance transfers after the first 60 days will have a 3% (minimum $5) balance transfer fee.
  • The total amount of your request(s) including fees and interest charges cannot exceed your available credit or $15,000, whichever is lower.

More on Chase Slate

Blueprint. We have multiple Slate cards with the Blueprint feature. I’m still unclear what this perk actually is and it doesn’t seem very useful. Once again, I will continue to ignore the Blueprint feature and focus strictly on the 0% APR!

0% Balance Transfers. If you’re a newer reader, you might wonder why I get so excited about 0% balance transfers [2]. It’s been a while since I discussed my credit card arbitrage [3] and leverage [4] strategies, but essentially after bank rates [5] dipped, we began to use our 0% balance transfer money to temporarily lower our mortgage and Heloc rates and for lower rates than commercial financing for our real estate investments. I’m also thinking it might be a good way to carry the inventory costs this year for my Amazon business. A 0% balance transfer with no fees is essentially the cheapest way to get my hands on more money. It’s not for everyone, but I love the challenge (and the profit).

Lower Your Debt. If you are carrying higher interest debt that you plan to pay off in 15 months, transferring it to the Chase Slate card will save you money. No fee. no interest. Get moving!