Top Tax Cheats in History

Posted by Don on April 11, 2013

I’m a fool for crime. Not that I like committing it mind you, but I enjoy reading about it and watching it. Movies, books and television shows about crimes and mysteries are one of my biggest interests. When I combine my enjoyment of crime and the timely topic of taxes, I researched tax cheats. The […]

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If you maximize your tax refund each year when filing your taxes (and take every tax deduction you are entitled to in doing so), then you actually commit one of the above terms. Before you get scared that you are breaking the law, calm down. One of the options is completely legal and you should […]

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Can a Tax Refund Be a Good Thing?

Posted by Adrienne on April 9, 2013

You may have often heard that it makes no sense to get a tax refund. On many personal finance sites people are berated as stupid (or worse) for getting money back from the IRS – after all it is a tax free loan to the government. Why would anyone want to do that? Are there […]

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What Not to Do With Your Tax Refund

Posted by Kristen on April 8, 2013

With tax season readily underway, we have been covering a lot about the best part of filing taxes – the tax refund. Even though it was taken out of our paychecks through the year or possibly because of a credit for going to school or something else, it is always nice to get that refund […]

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Can You Sign a Tax Return for Someone Else?

Posted by Amanda on April 4, 2013

Have you ever wondered whether or not you can sign a tax return for someone else? With the tax deadline nearing, let’s find out. Generally it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to sign their tax return, and if a tax return is not signed it is not considered valid by the IRS. But there […]

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What is Schedule SE?

Posted by Kristen on March 22, 2013

What is Schedule SE? Schedule SE is used to report your self-employment taxes. The self employment tax form is in addition to your regular Form 1040 and business Schedule C for profit or loss. When do you use Schedule SE? You must fill out Schedule SE if you earned $400 or more from your self-employed […]

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What is the Elderly Tax Credit?

Posted by Kristen on March 21, 2013

What is the Elderly Tax Credit? The elderly tax credit is called the Tax Credit for the Elderly and Disabled. It is a tax credit for individuals who are 65-years-old or older or on permanent disability. How to Qualify for the Elderly Tax Credit You qualify for this tax credit if you were 65-years-old or […]

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What is the Disability Tax Credit?

Posted by Kristen on March 19, 2013

What is the disability tax credit? The disability tax credit is a tax credit that can be claimed by anyone that has either a physical or mental disability that prevents you from attaining consistent employment. Who qualifies for the disability tax credit? Anyone under 65-years-old on permanent disability. Anyone receiving disability income from an employer. […]

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I come from a family littered with divorces. It gets a little tricky on many levels, and taxes may be the least of concerns. But I do remember one year when my father feared an audit because the IRS flagged his tax return. It turns out that both he and his ex-wife, my mother, claimed […]

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How to Claim a Medical Expense Tax Deduction

Posted by Kristen on March 6, 2013

Medical bills and health related expenses can really add up throughout the year. Having to pay for medical costs, dental costs, and health insurance is a huge portion of where many people’s income goes, especially for families. And it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that astronomical medical bills are the cause of […]

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