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Additional $50 from ING Direct

Now that we’ve all gotten our ING $25 Bonus [1], it’s time to cash in for $50 more!

Heather A. sent me an email about a great deal she found by signing up for a new Electric Orange checking account at ING Direct.

$50 Sign Up Bonus

Here is how to get your $50 bonus:

  • You must have an ING savings account. If you don’t have one you can sign up [1] here.
  • Sign into your ING account, and select the option to open a new Electric Orange account.
  • Enter the reference code: EM227. (Once you finish the sign up process, it will put a little link to describe the bonus next to the account name in your account overview.)
  • You’ll get a debit card in the mail. Use it to make 3 signature-based purchases within the first 45 days.
  • Your $50 Bonus will be credited 50 days after your account has been opened.

When Heather A. heard about the promotion, she was told it ended on Oct. 31. However, she opened an account on Nov. 6. I signed up on Tuesday, just to make sure the code still worked, and it did, so I’m not sure on the new expiration date. Use it while you can!

Electric Orange Account

Here’s some more info about the account that you might want to know:

Initial Deposit Requirement: None. I opened my account with 25 cents!

What’s a signature-based purchase? Since this was part of the requirements, I needed to know! Here’s the ING answer from their terms and conditions:

It’s a Card purchase made without using your Personal Identification Number(PIN) when paying. A majority of transactions don’t involve a PIN and are considered signature-based purchases.

Examples of signature-based transactions include:

  • Any purchases that require your signature(choosing ‘Credit’ instead of ‘Debit’) when checking out.
  • Internet, phone or mail order purchases.
  • Using your Card for automatic bill payments like your cell phone, cable or utilities.

Thanks to Heather A. for pointing out the Free Money [2] for all of us to enjoy!