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$70 Sprint Credit

Sprint customers get to cash in on this week’s Free Money [1] Friday offer. Sprint is giving you $70 to renew your contract.

And why would you want to renew? Well, if you are a SERO customer, it’s a no brainer! Since there aren’t any plans around like it, I figured why not take the extra $70!

How to Get Your $70 Sprint Credit

  1. Login to your account at Sprint [2] once you are at least 22 months into your contract.
  2. Use the contact us link, and select email us.
  3. Search for renew contract to get to the web form.
  4. Submit an email to ecare saying that you heard there is a $70 credit available to renew your contract and you’d like to do so.
  5. Select Plans, features, and services for the topic and Plan inquires for the subtopic.
  6. They will email you back within 24 hours to let you know if your account is eligible.

More About Sprint

SERO Customers. Almost two years ago, we signed up for the Sprint SERO [3] service. You know, the irresistible one with unlimited data, texts, and 500 anytime minutes for $30 per month. It’s since been discontinued, but if you have it, you can renew your contract to keep it.

Phone Discount. Taking advantage of the $70 credit did not void our $150 available to get new phones. We’re still shopping for the phone since we missed out on the $199 Touch Pro 2 that was available last week. However, some people are now reporting that you might have to choose between the credit and the phone upgrade.

Credit for Each Line. My husband and I each got the credit for a total of $140 credited to our account. We only had to send one email.

Credit to slickdeals [4] (via My Money Blog [5]) for saving me $140 on something I was going to do anyways!