Spring is finally here! Celebrate by doing some spring cleaning for your finances – you can gain some great inspiration from these great reads!

Finance Reads

6 Ways to Save Money on your Disney World Vacation. Being a parent usually means that a Disney World vacation is in the cards sooner or later. How to trim the cost! -Million Dollar Journey

7 Best Ways to Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling – A must-read for anyone planning some summer travels. -Money Crashers

Are Bonds a Good Investment for 2013? – With rates at record lows, there’s a lot of talk about where bond prices might be headed this year. -CashMoneyLife

Retirement Planning as a Young Adult – An excellent read for any young person who is having trouble thinking about a retirement that seems so far away. -Stupid Cents

Where is Your Wealth? – This was an interesting breakdown of where the typical American keeps his wealth. -FreeMoneyFinance

We Paid Off Our Mortgage: History and Commentary – It’s always inspiring to read about a mortgage pay-off! -MyMoneyBlog

5 Steps to Retiring with Confidence – A great article if you’re gearing up for retirement. -MoneyNing

How Does The Stock Market Work? – I know a fair amount about investing and still found this super interesting! -GenerationXFinance

How to Save Money Shopping at Whole Foods – Obviously Whole Foods isn’t the most paycheck-friendly grocery store out there but this is a good read if you tend to shop there because you feel strongly about the quality of some of your food. -Three Thrifty Guys

Carnival of Personal Finance – Kristen wrote about 6 Travel and Money Myths in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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