I’ve joined the staff at Mint!

Posted by Madison on April 2, 2008

I recently joined the writing staff at Mint, a free online money management tool. I will be helping to build the library of articles in the financial core section of Mint.edu.

Today my first article was published: Smart Tax Strategies For The Big Events In Your Life.

In the article, I highlight tax tips for the following stages:

  • Single and Working
  • Married Without Kids
  • Young Family with Children
  • Family Focusing on College and Retirement Savings
  • Retired Individuals

I’ll be writing a couple articles per month at Mint, but I’ll still be bringing you great content here at My Dollar Plan. I’ll provide a link whenever one of my articles is published so you can head over and check it out!

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Comments to I’ve joined the staff at Mint!

  1. Kudos! A very good addition to their staff.


    Four Pillars

  2. Congratulations! 🙂


  3. Cool! 8)
    I’ll be sure and check it out!


  4. Congratulations! That’s awesome!

    Frugal Dad

  5. Thanks everyone! The first article was fun and I’m looking forward to more.


  6. Wow, that’s great! Congratulations Madison! How do you find time to juggle your job, your family, your kids, your blog, and now this new position?


  7. @ Calgirl: It’s definitely a challenge! However, I try not to lose site of my priority, which is my family. I only write after the kids go to bed and I try to set time limits. It keeps me working efficiently with limited time. I’m also only working 4 days a week with my regular job until my son turns 1, so that helps a lot too!


  8. Wow – that’s big news. Congrats Madison!

    Millionaire Money Habits

  9. Way to go! I’m heading over to Mint to check out your first article.

    Jeff@MySuper-Charged Life

  10. Congratulations on the Mint writing gig!


  11. That’s awesome, congrats!

    Know The Ledge

  12. Congrats Madison, doing some catchup reading… took some time away from the internet;)

    I’ll be interested to see how it all goes at Mint, as I incorporate different products into my blog (in this next phase). I’ll be interested to get your valued opinions on Mint, and see whether or not it fits into what I’m doing on CF.

    Nice one!


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