Plan Ahead: 6 Steps to Secure Your Financial Future

Posted by Madison on May 6, 2008

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a planner. Planning ahead has allowed us many rewards that we otherwise wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity for. Some of the successful planning tips we have used are: Save for college before children are born. We opened 529 plans for our future children before they were born. Before […]

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Applying the Five Fundamentals of Financial Success

Posted by Madison on April 8, 2008

I recently discussed the five fundamentals of financial success which bases your financial foundation on preparation, planning and the relationship that money has with other aspects of your life. It’s a great concept in theory, but let’s put it into action to see if it really works. Here is how we built our finances around […]

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Selling My Car: The First Steps

Posted by Madison on February 24, 2008

So you’ve got a debt? What’s the first step in getting rid of it? Let’s take a look at one of my hot-button items in our budget and work through it. In the fall we decided not to sell my car just yet. However, now that spring is almost here it’s time to do something […]

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Big Goals for 2008!

Posted by Madison on February 8, 2008

It’s February and I’ve finally decided on our goals for the new year. Last year, outside of our main dollar plan goal I made just one new years resolution: to stop couponing. This year, I’m putting together a few more that I’d like to work on. Instead of rushing into them on January 1, I’ve […]

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Taxes, My Closet, and Reader Goal

Posted by Madison on November 14, 2007

What do taxes and my closet have to do with readers? They are all part of my goals before year end. Why not combine them into one goal? I’m going to match the number of readers in clothing donations!

My Dollar Plan blog goals

Posted by Madison on October 31, 2007

Here’s the goals for My Dollar Plan: Offer a place for friends and family to go to get answers to their questions. I spend a considerable amount of time researching and advising people on all money matters. Because the topics often repeat and overlap, I want to point them to this site for their answers. […]

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