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Visual Guide to Tax Spending, Credit Cards, and Housing

We’ve had a huge week! My husband finally made a decision about his plans to work for the upcoming year, everything is almost finalized and we’ll be closing on our rental property [1] next week, and there were some new developments with the loan modification [2] that we’re considering pursuing.

Add those to the mountain of paperwork that it’s taking to pursue the new solar panels [3], and it feels like my financial to do list is growing at warp speed again!

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks and I’ll fill you in on all the details and financial impacts of each one….

On to the personal finance articles of the week. My favorite find this week is the Visual Guide to Tax Dollars [4]. Words cannot explain this graph, you actually have to zoom in to see how powerful it is. It’s amazing to see our tax spending represented this way!

Credit Cards


By the Numbers

And More!