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US Bank 5% Cash Back Credit Card

In Madison’s $3,000 Credit Card Application Spree [1] she mentioned the new US Bank Cash Plus [2] card.

It’s a Quarterly 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Card [3], but has a unique advantage over the other 5% rotating cards – you get to pick the 5% cash back categories – and there’s an additional redemption award!

As possibly one of the best new 5% cash back cards, the US Bank Cash Plus [2] is this week’s Free Money [4] Friday offer!

How to Get 5%+ Cash Back

  1. Sign up for the US Bank Cash Plus [2] card.
  2. Each quarter pick your 5% cash back and 2% cash back categories.

US Bank Terms and Conditions

  • No annual fee.
  • New cardmembers only.

More on US Bank

Cash Back. The US Bank Cash Plus [2] lets you pick 5% cash back on two of your favorite categories like restaurants, home improvement, bill pay, airlines or hotels. You also get 2% cash back at gas stations, grocery stores or drug stores. Plus, get 1% cash back on everything else.

Redemption Bonus. Every time you redeem $100 or more, you’ll get a $25 cash back bonus! Instead of earning 5% on cash back, it’s more like 6.25% cash back if you use this option!

Visa Signature. I always make sure I have a Visa Signature card on hand because they often run good promotions like free movie tickets [5] through Fandango. The US Bank Cash Plus [2] card fits the bill!

How to Get a Possible Sign Up Bonus

A note from Madison: As I was going through my application spree, I stumbled on some interesting information in the terms and conditions. It appears you can apply for the US Bank FlexPerks [6] card to take advantage of the $150 sign up bonus and then convert it to the Cash Plus card with a call to US Bank. I’m currently testing it to see if we can stack these offers!

Update: New link to access your US Bank Cash Plus [7] account to choose your categories.