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The Future of My Dollar Plan is Up To You!

Almost a year has gone by since the beginning of My Dollar Plan. With 1700+ readers strong, we have lots of ideas, stories, and opinions on personal finance. I want to hear from you!

Personal Finance Topics

The topics of my articles come from various sources: reader questions, my own financial situation, things I read about in the news, and casual discussions with family and friends.

In reality though, that’s a bizarre way to meet your needs as a reader. I’d like to focus the upcoming year on meeting your needs.

What Do You Like to Read About?

I’d like to know what you want to hear about! Just cast your vote below (feed readers click here to vote [1]). You can vote for more than one topic, so feel free to mark all the ones that you like.

The poll has some of the more common topics that I currently write about. If there is something missing or you want to expand on some of the choices, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Action Plan

Based on the results, I’m going to put together a plan for the upcoming year at My Dollar Plan. I don’t envision that the general direction will change (I won’t switch from personal finance to shoes), but I can make an effort to write about the things that matter to you the most!