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Finance Tips: 70 Super Easy and Practical Ways to Save Money

Take a time out from gearing up for the Super Bowl to check out these personal finance reads [1]!

Source: Elvert Barnes [2]

Finance Reads

70 Super Easy and Practical Ways to Save Money [3] – A really robust list of money-saving tips – I wonder how many I’ll be able to implement? -Good Financial Cents

4 Reasons to Have Two Checking Accounts [4] – I always enjoy reading other people’s perspectives on the details of managing their money. -Three Thrifty Guys

Ways to Sell Your House Quicker [5] – A good read if you’re putting your house on the market. -Stupid Cents

3 Ways to Cut Back on Health Care Costs [6] – If you’re looking to cut costs, here are some ideas on how to trim your medical expenses. -MoneyNing

Rediscover Your Various Income Streams & Save Like Crazy! [7] – A great reminder of the importance of having multiple sources of income. -FreeMoneyFinance

9 Characteristics of A Great Job [8] – I found this a really interesting read! -Brip Blap

Vanguard Cuts Mutual Fund and ETF Fees [9] – As a big fan of Vanguard, this was great news for me! -The Sun’s Financial Diary

Carnival of Personal Finance [10] – Kristen shared 11 Free or Cheap Winter Activities at Home [11] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.