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Santander $20/Month Bonus

Santander is offering you a bonus of $20 per month when you use their direct deposit and bill pay features on a Santander checking and savings account.

It’s Free Money [1] Friday and the Santander offer is easy since you can automate it and it will keep repeating!

How to Get Your $20 per Month Sign Up Bonus

  1. Open an extra20 Santander checking and savings account [2].
  2. Make direct deposits of $1,500 or more to your extra20 checking account for a $10 bonus each period.
  3. Pay two bills using BillPay for another $10 bonus each period.
  4. Repeat each month to earn $240 per year in bonuses.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bonuses will be credited to your extra20 savings account on the first business day after your extra20 checking account service fee period ends.
  • Limit 1 extra20 package per person.
  • Your bonuses will be reported as interest on a Form 1099-INT in the year received.
  • You must qualify for the Direct Deposit bonus to be eligible for the BillPay bonus each period.

More on Santander Checking

Opening the account. A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open a checking account and a minimum deposit of $10 is required to open the savings account.

No cap. There’s no cap on how long you can collect your $20 as long as the product is offered.

Fees. There is a monthly $10 fee on the checking account. You can avoid the fee with $1,500 or more in total direct deposits during the service fee period (which you’ll be doing anyways to get the bonus).