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Cheap Movie Deals from Groupon, Redbox, and Amazon

Since the holidays, I’ve been a big fan of cheap new movies. My Google TV [1] eliminates the need to actually go to the movie store, which makes watching movies much more appealing.

Of course, now I’m on the lookout for ways to rent the movies inexpensively.

If you are a movie buff, there are some great deals right now to get movies for cheap, especially if you want to see of the Oscar movies that won last night.

Cheap Movie Deal from Groupon & Redbox

I know some of you like Redbox [2], so here’s a great way to rent cheap DVDs:

Groupon [3] is giving a 3-for-1 deal on Redbox rentals today. But it gets even better, here’s how to stack the deal to score super cheap DVD rentals:

  • Redbox Groupon. Login to your Groupon [3] account (or you can open one [3] if you don’t have one yet). There will be banner on the top with a link to the Redbox offer [4]. For $1, you get 3 one night dvd Redbox movie rentals. You can buy 1 for yourself and 2 as gifts. The codes expire June 1, 2011.
  • Discover. Buy into the Groupon deal with your Discover Card [5] through Shop Discover to get 20% cash back [6].
  • Referrals. If your friends and family also like to rent DVD movies cheap, you can refer them to the Redbox deal for $1, and you’ll get $10. There are no limits.

Amazon Prime Free Movies for a Month

If you’re like me and love downloading cheap movies online, Amazon Prime [7] just sweetened their deal. I know many of you use Amazon Prime for the free 2-day shipping during the holidays.

Amazon Prime just added unlimited streaming of their movies and TV shows (they have more than 5,000).

So if you already have Amazon Prime, it’s free! If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, here’s how to get your free movies:

  • Amazon Free Movies for a Month. Sign up for the Amazon Prime 1 month free trial [7].
  • Streaming Video. The free trial includes the streaming video for movies and TV shows.

Amazon Prime Membership Types. The movies are only included for Amazon Prime paid memberships (at $79 per year). It’s not valid for the free Amazon Mom [8] or Amazon Student [9] accounts many of us signed up for last fall.

Amazon Versus Netflix. Obviously, the Amazon Prime offer is going to make you recalculate your Netflix [10] subscription if you have one! For those of you who use Netflix, are you going to switch?

We bought Roku players for our families for Christmas, now I’m thinking that Amazon Prime [7] memberships will be the perfect gift to go with them this year!