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Finance Tips: 4 Moves to Consider Before Interest Rates Rise

Take a break from enjoying your 4th of July celebration by catching up on some of these great personal finance reads [1]!

Source: mrsdkrebs [2]

Finance Reads

4 Moves to Consider Before Interest Rates Rise [3] – Should you or shouldn’t you lock in a CD right now? -Money Smart Life

6 Natural Products That Are Good Substitutes for Regular (Often More Expensive) Products [4] – Some good, frugal ideas for your household. -Three Thrifty Guys

How to Prepare for a Job Interview – Practice Tips to Get Ready [5] – One of the writers just finished interviewing, so I thought this was a timely read. -Money Crashers

Top 7 Common Investing Mistakes to Avoid [6] – A great read for investors, both new and old! -CashMoneyLife

Network for Jobs [7] – A great read on networking and how it can help your career. -FreeMoneyFinance

When You Shouldn’t File a Claim on Your Auto Insurance [8] – Great advice since summer usually means lots of time on the road which, unfortunately, can include accidents. -MoneyNing

How to Extend the Life of your Hot Water Heater [9] – A great read for homeowners. -Million Dollar Journey

Carnival of Personal Finance [10] – Don shared Should You Reinvest Dividends? [11] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.