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Finance Tips: How to Calculate Annual Investment Returns

We hope everyone is staying warm in some of the frigid temperatures across the country. Since you may be stuck indoors [1] more than you’d like, take the time to catch up on these great finance articles [2]!

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Finance Reads

How to Calculate Annual Investment Returns Using XIRR [4] – If you’re trying to calculate your portfolio’s 2012 returns, this is a great tutorial on how best to do it. -Million Dollar Journey

A Handy Checklist for Your 2012 Taxes [5] – This is an awesome reminder of some things you’ll need in place before tackling your taxes. -Three Thrifty Guys

Investing in Companies That Sell the Products You Use Everyday [6] – I’ve always thought this was an interesting investing strategy. -Stupid Cents

What to Do if You’re Declined for Credit [7] – A good read if you are having trouble getting credit. -MoneySmartLife

We Bought Property #2 [8] – I’ve been reading about FMF’s foray into real estate with great interest so was excited to see more details on his second property. -FreeMoneyFinance

Unemployment Adventures: How I Could Have Prepared for a Layoff [9] – I thought this was a great perspective on how to be best prepared in the event of a job loss. -Lazy Man’s Money

Saving Money on Winter Energy Bills [10] – Some great suggestions for keeping costs down all winter long. -GenXFinance

Carnival of Personal Finance [11] – Don shared Easy Retirement Plan Goals for 2013 [12] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.