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Finance Tips: How to Become Wealthy

In the midst of all of your fall activities, don’t miss some of these great reads [1] from the personal finance blogosphere this week!


2014 Limits. In addition to the announcement earlier this week about the 2014 Roth 401k and Roth IRA Limits [2] staying the same, here are some additional 2014 announcements:

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Featured Finance Tip

Money 101: How to Become Wealthy [6] – “You build wealth when you spend less than you earn and save up your surplus over time. Yes, it’s that simple.” – FreeMoneyFinance

Finance Reads

Buy Stock in What You Know vs. Buy Stock in What Others are Buying [7] – I sometimes wonder about the “investing in what you know” philosophy so enjoyed reading this. -Lazy Man and Money

How to Donate a Used Car to Charity [8] – Donating an old car you were going to get rid of anyway can be such a nice thing to do and you may be able to get a nice tax deduction to boot! -MoneyCrashers

No-Load Mutual Funds vs. Load Mutual Funds [9] – A great primer on some basic terms for those who are just getting the hang of the jargon of investing. -MoneySmartLife

Want to Save Hundreds on Service-Related Expenses? Go to School! [10] – I’ve heard a lot about having students perform different services for you before but this was a great deep dive into all the options out there for saving money on everything from beauty to medical services. -Three Thrifty Guys

Morningstar Target Date Retirement Fund Comparisons & Trends 2013 [11] – Since so many more people are using target date funds these days, I found reading up on the some of the trends in the industry and differences between providers. -MyMoneyBlog

Is Your Workout Killing Your Budget? [12] – I think a lot of young women who live in big cities will relate to this article! -GoGirl Finance

Carnival of Personal Finance [13]– Amanda wrote How Does COBRA Work? [14] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.