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Free Quicken Online

I’ve always used Microsoft Money. Why? Because it came installed on my computer back in 1997, when I started tracking my money really closely. Even since then, I’ve just continued with it. Good reason, right?

MS Money Stops Yearly Updates

I felt pretty confident with my setup until one of my fellow About.com guides, Shelley, burst my bubble: Money Rumor is Now Official: No Microsoft Money 2009 [1]. This news really makes me wonder if MS Money is the best place to run your financial hub from…

Free Quicken Online

Quicken Online [2] to the rescue! I’ve always wanted to try out Quicken, since so many people use it. But I couldn’t justify buying two products. That was until this week, when Quicken took away the fees and made Quicken Online [2] free!

Features from the Overview:

  • Automatically downloads and categorizes your transactions, so you know where you’re spending.
  • See all your bank and credit card accounts in one place, with one password.
  • You can even access your personal finance information from your cell phone.
  • Quicken Online connects with over 5,000 financial institutions (and counting).

Action Plan

I’m going to give Quicken Online [2] a try. We’ll see how it compares to MS Money. Of course, since I need the Home and Business version, I’ll have to purchase that one once my MS Money expires, but this should be a good test to see if I like the Quicken product.

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