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Free Credit Reports and Scores from American Express

With our newly planned venture into real estate investing [1], I had to make sure Scott’s credit reports and scores were ready for lenders to see.

I remembered an old service I used about a year ago from American Express, called CreditSecure, where you can get your free credit reports and scores. Free Money [2] Friday, here we come!

How to Get Your Free Credit Reports and Scores

  1. Log into your American Express credit card account online.
  2. Make the following selections from within your account:
    • Personal Cards
    • Additional Products & Services
    • CreditSecure
  3. Enroll in the 30 day trial to get immediate access to your scores and reports.

CreditSecure Service

The 30 day review is for first time users. As long as you cancel within 30 days, your credit reports and scores will be free. I used my free trial over a year ago, so it won’t let me do another one, but if you haven’t used yours yet, it’s a good service.

After the 30 days, they offer unlimited access, at $11.99 per month, which was actually a pretty cheap way to get daily access. If you want to have the unlimited access immediately, you can cancel and reenroll if you don’t want to wait the 30 days.

American Express CreditSecure Details

Credit Reports. You get access to all 3 credit bureau reports.

Credit Scores. The scores are “PLUS” scores, which were close to our
FICO scores [3].

CreditSecure. The program that obtains your reports is run by an Experian company.

Credit Monitoring. The service also provided email alerts for changes that were posted to our credit reports.

How to Cancel

After the 30 day trial, they will bill your American Express credit card. To cancel the service, call 1-866-617-1893.

American Express Cards

To be a member, you just need to use your American Express card to enroll. If you don’t have one, here are some reader favorites: