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For Sale: My Dollar Plan

The time has finally come! It’s time to move on. With the new baby’s planned arrival this summer, we’re accepting that our household is going to go from crazy to complete chaos. Three kids ages 3 and under will do that to any family…. but we love it! Parenting has no doubt been the hardest job of my life and the most rewarding.

I’ve gone around and around about how to handle the upcoming changes. We’ve decided that it’s time to move on from My Dollar Plan and explore some new things with our family. Since we were considering downsizing [1] anyways, we figured it would be the perfect time to do some extended travel before the kids head off to school.

With the change in plans, we’re also going to have to let go of some of our daily commitments that use up our free time. Obviously, my time spent writing here is one of those sacrifices. I love it, but just like everything, there comes a time when other adventures call your name!

We’ve officially put My Dollar Plan up for sale. I’ll keep you posted on the details as they are worked out!


IRA Peer Lending. Wow! You can now hold Lending Club [2] notes in a Self-Directed IRA [3]. The IRA carries a $250 annual account maintenance fee starting in 2010. It’s an interesting move. I’m not putting any retirement money in Lending Club but I am using it for fun. See the Lending Club Step-By-Step Guide [4] for how to get started.

Real Estate Investing. We took our first step into real estate investing yesterday. We put in our first offer on a 3 unit. I’ll post updates on Twitter [5] as it develops!


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