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Flashback: One Year Ago… June 2008

I had a blast checking out the archives last month, so I thought we’d make a reoccurring feature. It’s fun to see what was happening in the financial world a year ago.

Here were the most popular articles that were written in June 2008. Many of them still have a lot of relevance this year!

Popular in June 2008

  1. New Grads: 29 Money-Smart Tips [1]
  2. 10 Financial Tips for New Grads [2]
  3. 11 Fun & Frugal Summertime Activities [3]
  4. How to Handle Irregular Paychecks [4]
  5. We Sold My Car! What Worked and What Didn’t [5]
  6. What is Credit Card Arbitrage? [6]
  7. Small Business Problem: Advertiser Bounced a Check! [7]
  8. Free FICO Scores & Credit Reports [8]