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Finance Tips: Financial Advice That Forever Changed My Life

We found some great finance tips [1] this week on how you are wasting your money, financial advice that changes your life, stockpiling groceries and more!

Featured Finance Tip

7 Pieces of Financial Advice That Forever Changed My Life [2] – “What is the single most significant piece of financial advice you have ever received? And how has it improved your life?” – Becoming Minimalist

Finance Tips

39 Mindless Ways You’re Wasting Money in Every Part of Your Life [3] – How many of these are you guilty of on the list? – Wise Bread

How to Tell if You Are Losing Money With a Secret Water Leak [4] – Is your water bill increasing? Check out this simple test to see if you have a leak. – Three Thrifty Guys

U.S. Student Loan Implosion [5] – 1.1 million student loan borrowers have gone 270 days without paying their student loans. Yikes! – Political Calculations

Seasonal Stockpiling – What to Buy When at the Grocery Store [6] – What should you be buying this month at rock bottom prices? -$5 Dinners

6 Popular Side Gigs Reviewed [7] We’re always on the lookout for new ways to make money [8]. – Have you thought about any of these? – Money Crashers

Where to Find Dividend Data for Your Portfolio [9] – Are you a dividend investor? A great resource on dividend data. – Million Dollar Journey

Travel Tips: Delta Paid a Family $11,000 Not to Fly [10] – A roundup of all the travel tips this week, including a how family got $11,000 from Delta for not flying. – Points Family

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