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EverBank $75 Sign Up Bonus

We have a great Free Money [1] Friday for those looking to open a high-yield account. EverBank [2] is offering a $75 sign-up bonus!

How to Get Your $75 Sign Up Bonus

  1. Open one or both of EverBank [2]‘s high yield accounts: the Yield Pledge Money Market account or the FreeNet Checking account.
  2. Maintain required minimum balance (see below T&C’s) for each of first 4 months of opening account.
  3. In 5th statement period, receive a $50 credit for the Money Market Account and/or a $25 credit for the FreeNet Checking account.

EverBank Terms and Conditions

  • FreeNet Checking is a tiered (higher balance, higher rate), variable rate account. All yields and tiers may change without notice.
  • Applicant must fund a Yield Pledge Money Market Account [2] with a minimum deposit of $20,000 and/or a FreeNet Checking Account [2] with a minimum deposit of $10,000 and maintain average daily balance for each of the first 4 statement periods.
  • EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market account has $8.95/month fee for balances below $5,000.
  • First time EverBank account holders only.

More on EverBank

Intro Rates. The FreeNet Checking account has a 3-month intro rate of 2.25%. Add the bonus on top of the intro rate, and it should beat any 3-6 month CDs available right now.

FDIC Insured. The government backs up to $250,000 of your money.

Reimbursed ATM Fees. For the Yield Pledge Money Market [2], EverBank automatically reimburses non-EverBank charges on U.S. ATM transactions during any month that your account’s average daily balance exceeds $5,000.