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Discover Rebates on Utility Payments via ChargeSmart

Have you ever tried to put your utility bills on your credit card for some cash back only to realize that the utility company erases the benefit by charging you a fee?

If so, this week’s Free Money [1] Friday is perfect for you. Discover [2] is offering a new way to save money by offering an instant cash rebate of all applicable fees when you pay your utility bills on ChargeSmart [3]!

How to Get ChargeSmart Utility Rebates

  1. Sign up for ChargeSmart [3].
  2. Select the utility company you want to pay.
  3. Enter your Discover [2] credit card info.
  4. ChargeSmart will deliver your payment via electronic ACH transfer.
  5. Discover will give you a rebate for any fees associated with your utility payment!

More on ChargeSmart

Fees. Depending on the biller (company you are paying), there is either a blended or flat fee associated with your transaction. The fee will be displayed before you proceed with your transaction.

Discover Rebate. This rebate works with all Discover [2] branded credit or debit cards and will be in addition to any cashback program that your Discover card may already offer.

What Bills Can I Pay with ChargeSmart? You can use ChargeSmart [3] to make payments towards your mortgage, auto loan, auto lease, education loan, or utility bill. You can even use ChargeSmart to pay bills to a company that doesn’t offer that option directly on their site.

Paying Your Mortgage. With ChargeSmart, the return of paying your mortgage with credit cards [4] is back! Just make sure that your credit card cash rewards [5] will be greater than the cost of the fees to make money on the deal.

Possible $10 Rebate on Other Payments

In addition to the utility rebate, we also found a few mentions that Chargesmart [6] will give you $10 off all other payments (mortgage, auto, etc) which should help offset the fees and earn you more cash back from your credit card.

Discover Cards

If you don’t have a Discover card to use, here are some of our favorite Discover cards to use with Chargesmart: