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Would You Consider Reverse Snowbirding?

My husband, Scott, and I have been discussing where we live at great length lately. We’re happy here in Wisconsin, but one piece is missing for my husband, his family lives in Louisville.

It’s a solid 8 hour drive, and we try to make the trip about 3 times a year.

We have considered moving to be closer to his family, however, since my family is here, we’re staying put.

I never thought that where we lived would be based on my parents, but after my dad’s scare with his heart [1], I couldn’t see moving away from them at this point in our lives.

We brought up the topic with my parents to see if they’d relocate with us. I think my dad is game to move somewhere warmer (he said he’d move to Louisiana), but in reality, I don’t think my mom would since her family is here, too.

Reverse Snowbirding

Then we came up with a crazy idea… remember when we wanted to buy a vacation home [2] last year? And ultimately passed on it when the realtor dropped the ball [3].

I’ve never really put the idea of a vacation home out of my mind, but I think I’ve actually improved on the idea.

What if we bought a summer home at the lake near my in-laws, and lived there for the summer? Then we’d return home for the school year for the kids.

It’s just like what older retired couples do, except we’re doing it in reverse… we’ll be here for the frigid winters and go south in the summer. (Somehow it sounded better before I added in the part about the weather!)

My grandma often refers to me as a dreamer. I’m sure when she hears about this plan, she’ll think I’m officially out of touch with reality. Although she and my grandpa were snowbirds for years before he passed away, so maybe she’ll like the idea that I want to do it while we’re young!

Action Plan

Just like I always do when I get carried away on a new and exciting idea, I got busy and started checking out vacation homes that we’d like to buy and reviewing the fantastic mortgage rates at Penfed [4] for vacation homes.

We wouldn’t rent it out since we’d be using it for 3 months in the summer (except maybe for the Kentucky Derby since houses that weekend command a premium), so this would strictly be an expense. Obviously, that doesn’t help the argument, but it would earn lots of bonus points in the quality of life column!

However, there’s one small wrench in the plan…. my husband is still working for the university. Taking every summer off probably wouldn’t fly…. but, with all the uncertainty with his job [5] right now, this might also be the perfect time to implement such a plan.

It’s obviously still in the very early planning stages. And it’s one with a little more thought that we might decide is just not reasonable. But I do think it’s worth some discussion, since you, my wonderful readers, always seem to have great advice when I get wonderful/crazy/outlandish ideas like this.

So, what do you think of the plan? Would you consider reverse snowbirding?


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