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Finance Tips: Why You Should Stop Trading Time for Money

My favorite personal finance book is Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence [1] by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. Even though I read it over a decade ago (and my copy is over 20 years old!), it is still my favorite!

This week our finance tips [2] feature topics that make you reexamine tradeoffs like time and money.

Featured Finance Tip

Why Your Financial Goal Should Be to Stop Trading Time for Money [3] – Any topic that highlights attaining financial independence when you stop trading time for money is worth a read. – Afford Anything [4] via Lifehacker

Finance Tips

One-Third of Plan Participants are Giving Away Free Money … Are You? [5] -Vanguard reports more than one-third of people using their retirement plan are not getting the full match!- Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Young people who want to have a lot of money in retirement better understand this chart [6] – Take a look at the chart. The person who started saving at age 25 doesn’t just end up with more… “The amount he has saved is astronomically larger.” – Business Insider

Retiree Portfolio Model [7] – A downloadable Excel spreadsheet which models portfolio accounts, retirement income, expenses and taxes over a selectable period of up to 40 years. -Bogleheads

Map: Where it’s cheaper to buy than rent [8] – In most places it’s cheaper to buy than rent, but not in some cities. -Washington Post

How Much Money Would you Need to Live off Dividend Income? [9] – A free dividend analysis tool to help you answer the question. -Young Adult Money

More Finance Tips on Your Time and Money