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What Do I Need to Know About Camping?

We’re planning a camping trip. Well, let me rephrase that, I’m planning a camping trip. Scott’s idea of vacation revolves around nice hotels, hot showers, and eating at restaurants.

Apparently his parents took him camping so much as a little kid, that he’s scarred for life and never wants to do it again; however, he did agree to go for the kids sake. (But between you and me, I actually think he’ll have fun… he just won’t want to admit it!)

I haven’t been camping since I was a little kid so I don’t remember all of the logistics. Obviously, we need a tent (I saw some on sale at Costco – maybe these would work?) and some gear. But beyond that, I don’t remember any of the details.

Camping itself is a very frugal alternative to regular vacations; no pricey hotels or flights. So it should be a money saver, right?

Your turn! Tell me everything I need to know about planning a camping trip!

Do you like to go camping? What tips do you have? How do I find the best campsites? What things do you spend money on and what things do you skimp on?

Announcements and Updates

Auto Loans. We discussed Should You Use Savings to Pay Off Debt? [1] for a reader who had a car loan over 5%. Good news is here! Penfed is having a sale on their auto loans; she can now refinance her car loan at 2.99% [2]. It’s also a good way to lock in some cheap money if you enjoy playing that game… like I do.

Amanda on the News. Our very own staff writer, Amanda, was on her local news! Check out the clip in Are you Really Saving with Promotional Sales? [3] The segment was based on 6 Sneaky Ways Retailers and Grocery Stores get you to Spend More Money [4].

Staying Put. After picking out a new lot when we decided to build a new house [5], we have cooled on the idea. We did a ton of research at the city and went through all of the expansion plans for the next 20 years. It turns out the street we picked is planned to be a future four lane boulevard to direct traffic around the lake; not an ideal place for raising kids. So we’re going to stay put… for now. I told you I’m impulsive! Besides, now I’m busy planning our camping trip!

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