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Weekly Roundup: Eating Out, Small Business, and Budgeting

Eating Out

The Wisdom Journal has a great article on tips for eating out as a family, but only paying for one [1]. He turned me on to a great site: My Kids Eat Free [2]. We like to eat out, so I found some new restaurants and which days to go. We also found that one of our local Chinese restaurants only charges 99 cents for kids.

If you’d rather grow your own food, Frugal Dad gives step-by-step instructions on How to Build a Square Foot Garden [3]. He only spent $42 for setup, so it was a fun and cheap project for the kids.

Small Business

Chance Favors has some great tax tips for the self-employed. Included in reducing taxable income is the use of self-employed retirement options: a SEP plan (simplified employee pension), a SIMPLE IRA (savings incentive match plan for employees), a KEOGH Plan and a Solo 401(k) plan.

If you are having trouble with the cash flow of your business you’ll want to read Small Business Hassle: Late Payments and How I’ve Dealt With It [4] at The Digerati Life.


Jeff at My Super-Charged Life put together a three-part series on budgeting: Things I Learned Living on a Budget Part 1 [5], Part 2 [6], and Part 3 [7].

Often, it’s easy to make a budget if you have a regular paycheck, but it’s possible to do one with varied paychecks too. Lynnae explains How to Budget with Irregular Income [8] at Being Frugal.

Life Skills Network

Another great site is joining us at the Life Skills Network [9]! Welcome to David at The Good Human [10].

Personal Finance

Moolanomy shares 10 Ideas To Retire On Less [11]. We probably wouldn’t consider retiring abroad, but some of the other tips are great. My favorites are to adjust your lifestyle now and investigate passive income (which is on my 2008 goals [12] list).

Here are more articles I enjoyed this week: