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Finance Tips: 5 Painless Ways to Pay Yourself First

There were some great reads [1] around the blogosphere this week – enjoy them!

Photo Credit: blmiers2 [2]

Finance Reads

5 Painless Ways to Pay Yourself First [3] – Ask anyone with wealth what the key was for them and they’ll tell you they paid themselves first – here are some good ideas on how to make it easier for you to do. -MoneyNing

8 Tips for Organizing Your Business Finances [4] – The end of the year is approaching quickly and that means tax time can’t be too far away either! If you own a business, read this now and you’ll thank us later. -Lazy Man and Money

7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of a College Education [5] – If you’re starting to send your kids off to college this year, this article will come as welcome news. -MoneyCrashers

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck – How to Break the Cycle [6] – When you’re living paycheck to paycheck but don’t want to be, the toughest part can be figuring out where to start. This offers some great tips. -CashMoneyLife

Millionaire Interviews 4 [7] – I have been loving these millionaire stories that FMF is posting – so inspiring! -FreeMoneyFinance

How to Make Room in Your Schedule to Earn More Money [8] – Whether you’re looking to make extra money to pay off debt, save more or go on a fun vacation, this is a must-read! -MoneySmartLife

The One Thing Getting Out of Debt Didn’t Prepare Me For [9] – We’ve talked about how life after debt can be different than expected and this was a great reminder of that. -GoGirl Finance

Carnival of Passive Investing [10] – Adrienne wrote about how It’s Time to Get Serious About Mutual Fund Fees [11] in the Carnival of Passive Investing.