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TopCashBack Offers Higher Cashback

Our holiday cash back [1] series continues this week with the cashback site TopCashBack.

Our latest cash back highlight is a site called TopCashBack [2]. It’s similar to some of the other sites we’ve highlighted in the series; you can earn cash back just for shopping at your favorite stores!

I noticed that I’m using TopCashBack more lately since it routinely offers the highest cash back percentages of all the cash back sites for shopping on Amazon [3].

How to Earn Your Cash Back

  1. Sign up for a TopCashBack [2] account.
  2. Shop for products using TopCashBack Shopping and earn a percentage of your purchases back in cash.
  3. Redeem your cash through ACH, PayPal and Amazon.com Gift Certificates.

Here’s more from Kate on TopCashBack if you aren’t familiar with the program:

What is TopCashBack?

TopCashBack [2] is another site that allows you to click through to over 3,200 retail sites to earn cash back while you shop. Unlike other sites that keep a portion of the commission they get from referring you to other websites, TopCashBack passes on the entire commission to you. This is probably why they can offer higher cashback percentages than other sites.

What are some sites I can earn cash back on?

You can shop at sites like Gap, Blue Nile, Walmart, Target, Diapers.com, Kohl’s, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples and more! In addition, you can also buy gift cards and earn cash back from American Express Gift cards and Cardpool [4].

More Details on TopCashBack

Getting your cash. Payouts from your TopCashBack [2] account are available through Paypal or direct deposit. You can also get a 2.5% bonus on your cashback rebate when requesting payout by Amazon.com Gift Card.

Referring friends. You can refer your friends and earn $10 for each referral!

No minimum payout threshold. Unlike some other sites, TopCashBack doesn’t require you to reach a minimum cash-out level.