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The Decision on a Whole New Career

I know, I left you hanging! Would You Quit Your Job for a Whole New Career? [1] featured Scott’s opportunity to take over my dad’s business and all the thoughts he had about the possible career change. Readers also left lots of very thought provoking comments about the possibility too, which I know Scott appreciated!

His Decision

Looking back, I think 2 days was way too short of a time for him to really fully consider all the pros and cons. However, I did let him make the decision completely on his own, and let him know that I would support him either way. Ultimately, he decided to pass on the opportunity.

I know that the uncertainty of whether or not he would like it was a big factor. He loves computers, and I think it might have been a bit of a stretch for him to fully consider. And health insurance was also a contributing factor.

At another time, it may make more sense. Until then, the good news is that my dad has returned to work part-time and is keeping the business open. Who knows… maybe Scott will still take it over down the road…

In the meantime, Scott and I are tossing around some other ideas, I’ll let you know as soon as we finalize the plans!

Did We Hit Bottom?

I enjoyed a fun video, Bear market rally…or serious reversal? [2] INO analyzes the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and the S&P 500 using their Fibonacci tool to try to determine if we hit bottom last week. I won’t spoil it for you and tell you what their prediction is! (If you like the videos, you can subscribe to get an alert when they post a new one, just enter your email address above the video screen.)



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